How to Publish Your Book

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If you’ve written a novel, memoir, poetry collection, or work of non-fiction and want to get it published, the traditional way is to send your manuscript to an agent and/or publisher in the hope they will offer a contract. Alternatively, online print-on-demand has revolutionised the industry and you might be considering the popular path of self-publishing.

Being in control of each aspect of book production and maximizing the money that can be made provides a huge incentive to self-publish and brings tremendous satisfaction. Managing each part of the publishing process, however, is no small task. Publishing a book can seem more daunting than writing one. Receiving guidance from a qualified editor and designer, from manuscript assessment through to marketing, will give you and your book the best opportunity for success.

Sevenpens Publishing services offers authors advice on how to submit a manuscript, making sure your work is in the best possible shape before you take it to agents or publishers, and can assist in any or all of the steps required to self-publish your book to the same high standards as a major publishing company.

Sevenpens Publishing was established by Katherine Seppings who has worked in publishing and promotions as an illustrator, designer, photographer, writer, editor, and distributor, in Australia, London and New York, since the 1970s. She understands the time and effort writers put into their work and has all the skills to bring out the best in your book. Qualified in Graphic Design, Photography, and Professional Writing and Editing, Katherine provides highly experienced support in:

  • Manuscript assessment
  • Structural and copy editing
  • Creating a book proposal
  • Book production – design and layout
  • A team of proof readers
  • Marketing and distribution, promotion and launch
  • Online print-on-demand and listing to sell your book worldwide

‘Apollo Bay hills and cloud’ photograph by Katherine Seppings