Publishing Services

Sevenpens Publishing services can assist in any or all of the steps required to submit a manuscript to agents or publishers, and to self-publish your book to the same high standards as a major publishing company.

Manuscript Assessment/Appraisal
A look at the overall structure, content and style – writing tone/voice, narrative, plot development, character, point-of-view, pace, themes, inconsistencies, cohesiveness, presentation, length, use of research, and publishing possibilities.
An outline of the manuscript’s strengths and weakness (through specific examples) and suggestions to help find the story’s full potential. Advice on the level of any further editing. The report aims to help you to self-edit, re-write and incorporate any comments you choose to include in your work.
The Appraisal report is approx 2,000 words long.

Copy Editing
A closer edit, suggesting any changes to paragraph and sentence structure, word use, consistency, grammar, spelling, punctuation, fact checking, and suggested additions, deletions or modifications.

Book Proposal
When the manuscript is ready to send to a publisher, or self-publish, a publishing proposal includes a cover letter, synopsis, marketing blurb and chapter outline (where necessary) and ‘About the Author’.

Book Production
A Brief provides a timeline and list of things to do to get the final manuscript to the printer. This list includes a manuscript document without formatting; image scans, photographs or illustrations for cover and insert; page size and extent is calculated including Half title, Full title, Imprint page, Dedication, About the Author, Acknowledgements, Contents and Chapters. Cover Design and styles for pages, type, headings, paragraphs etc. Cover and text documents are developed in Adobe InDesign.

  • Typesetting and/or reformatting of Word docs for InDesign, creating pre-text pages and contents.
  • Cover design. ISBN and Bar Code.
  • Book design – Text: Fonts, paragraph styling and page layout
  • Page make-up in Adobe InDesign – create master pages and styles: point size, leading, tracking, kerning, margins,
    alignments, indents, gutters, drop caps, headers, page no’s,
    reinstate italics, corrections etc.
  • Proof Reading
  • Corrections
  • Liaison with printer. Upload pdf cover and text files.
  • Check printer’s proofs, mark errors, correct. Upload final files.

Recommended printing with Lightning Source (Australia, UK and US) through Ingram Spark, listing your title on online bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Promotion and Launch
Create press release, website, Facebook Page and Event Page, plan launch, talks, signings, send review books, send copies to Legal deposit – State and National Libraries. Join Copyright Agency. Contact bookstores and organise distribution.

For costs and fee details, and any enquiries, please contact here.